Nicole Woodall, the founder of Canyon Candle Co., has always had an appreciation for the warmth and sense of calm that candles bring to every space. Yet, her sensitivity to the strong fragrances found in many candles often left her with headaches. Fueled by her passion for candlelight and an entrepreneurial spirit, Nicole began to create non-toxic, delicately scented soy candles for her own home.

After months of research and many late-night trials in her kitchen, Canyon Candle Co. was born. What began as a passion project turned into a small business.

Nicole brings her own fresh and modern style to each handmade candle in a line that reflects her love of luxury and simplicity. Launched in 2020 during a challenging time in history when so many people were asked to stay home, Nicole’s slow-burning, calming candles brought a new joy into their homes. The subtle scents she uses reflect the natural elements of the forests and canyons around her beautiful neighborhood of North Vancouver, where she lives with her husband and two daughters.