Neighbours of Edgemont Magazine

This month, my family and I have been featured in our local community magazine. I feel so fortunate to be able to share our story with those around us. 

Nicole's story:

Born and raised in North Vancouver, Nicole admits she hasn't ventured too far from home. In her opinion, the North Shore is the best place to live – and an amazing place to raise a family – so she has little desire to leave. She loves how safe, beautiful and quiet Edgemont is while being so close to the city.

"Growing up, I lived with my mother, sister and grandparents," says Nicole. "My childhood was filled with lots of love and great Indian food! My grandparents ran a successful sporting goods company and my sister and I were always at their warehouse, helping put orders together for companies like Woodward's and Sears. With a family business, everyone in the household contributes, and we really had a lot of fun. Because of that, my sister and I developed strong work ethics from a young age, and for that, I'm truly grateful."

After graduating from high school, Nicole decided to work for her mom in her retail business. But, after a short time, she decided retail wasn't for her and through a friend, she was introduced to the insurance industry. "I've been at AllWest Insurance for 21 years and it's been a wonderful career that's allowed me to raise my family in North Vancouver," she says with a smile.

It was at an Okanagan wedding where Nicole met her now-husband, Adam. "I was supposed to be there with an ex-boyfriend, but I found myself happily attending solo after a breakup," she says. "I was a bridesmaid, his name was Adam, and he was the wedding singer. It was perfect!" Fast-forward to today, and the couple now share a happy life with their sweet little girls –Elliot (6) and Emmerson (9).

"Both girls can sing and have performed with their dad at the Highlands Talent Show. I couldn't be any prouder," says Nicole. "They also love to dance and are both very artistic. As a family, we share a love of skiing, and this year, Elliot turned a corner with her skiing and it became so much more fun. We would often go to Cypress after school for night skiing and dinner. It's a wonderful way to spend a winter evening."

When asked if they have any pets, Nicole says she can't commit, but they recently hatched chickens and ducks through Nanny McCluckins home- hatching program. "We were given everything we needed to incubate these little birds and bring them to life," she smiles. "It was an incredible experience for all of us to understand the responsibility and work of having a pet and learn a bit more about farm life with all its ups and downs."

When the pandemic first hit, Nicole used that time to discover her true passion. "After getting frustrated with not being able to enjoy scented candles, I decided to investigate and find out what was giving me such bad headaches," she reflects. "I learned about all the toxins in scented candles and began to explore how to make my own. After lots of research and experimenting in my kitchen,
I launched Canyon Candle Co and started selling my candles to friends and family.

The timing proved to be perfect for this entrepreneur. Everyone was stuck at home, cozied up in their spaces, and there was a surge in people who wanted to support small, local businesses. "For me, it was such a welcome distraction from the state of the world," she says. "It was so wonderful to have little visits with friends, family and neighbours from out my front window as they picked up their candle orders. My business has been going strong ever since, and we're currently in several retail locations and growing. The community support has been both flattering and overwhelming, and I'm so thankful!"

 Adam's story:

Growing up in West Vancouver near Lighthouse Park made Adam Woodall's childhood pretty special. "As a kid, it was a really great place to grow up," he says. "We would play down by the beach, hang out in the forest, ride bikes into the sunset and just be happy kids. It seems like it was a simpler time. No iPads, no screens; just playing outside all the time."

After high school, Adam studied jazz at Capilano College, but he soon realized that his passion was in performing, not musical schooling. "I started playing at small coffee shops and venues all around BC, and 30 years later, here I am as a full- time professional musician," he smiles. "I'm also a passionate photographer and digital artist. I focus on capturing the beauty of the North Shore. Once I've chosen an image, I'll digitally watercolour them."

Some of Adam's best travelling memories include ski racing in Switzerland
and travelling through Nepal, Northern India, and South East Asia. Recently, he had an unforgettable experience deep powder skiing in Northern Japan."I also love a good beach!" he says. "Some of my favourites are the Gold Coast in Australia, the tip of the Baja in Mexico, and I love the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas."

As a fun adjunct to Nicole's how- we-met story, Adam recalls how he used to get his morning coffee at Starbucks in Pemberton Heights. "I was kind of a dirtbag skateboarder at the time," he says. "I would see this beautiful woman come in for coffee every morning and she was very well put-together and drove a fancy car. I said to myself, 'That's a beautiful woman,' but I assumed we would never connect."Little did Adam know that Nicole would become his wife eight years later. When he saw her at the wedding in Kelowna, he was taken aback. "I couldn't believe it was her. I finally had my chance to say something to her. We hit it off, and the rest is history. 

By Janine Tasaka